G.G.A from born , has been set its goal to capture global market, beside covering the internal market.
for this reason , to receiving to a high quality ,that is the global market demand,G.G.A has been started the technological cooperation with Germany from the beginning and deploying this cooperation with other countries.
The result of this assist is exporting more than 70% of products that shows acceptable quality for presence in global markets.
The logical relation between quality and price and also variety of products make happened that G.G.A pass other competitors.
“NAZANIN” ia a famous brand in many countries specially in neighbor and middle asian countries in hair articles producing and for this reason, some of our competitors with similarity brand or packaging of their products with G.G.A products, try to mislead our customers and gain illegal trade.
We recommended to our dear customers, certainly attend to our product logo or “NAZANIN” with correct dictation.